Here is a small example of how HyperBible is helping people to gain a stronger relationship with God around the world.

It you have any good news about how God has used HyperBible to impact someone's life please let us know.

This is a fantastic site - and you have very cleverly launched it "Dedicate your plans to the Lord, and they will succeed".

To encourage you further: I have a friend who has fallen away from the Kingdom of God, but is still very impressed with your site, and has been using it since I sent it to him and because he is so impressed with your site, he has now been looking through the new Upcyberdown site.

More: because of the launch competition, I am now in touch with disciples daily via e-mail, who I have long since lost touch with. Thank you. Carry on!

Also, my brother, who is a web designer and very religious, thinks your site is very well done. And I'm sure that is what God has to say about it too :-)