We are endeavoring to make HyperBible the best possible online Bible study tool but there is one noticeable gap in the site, it does not contain the four most popular modern translations of the Bible. This is not because of a lack of desire, prayer or effort on our part, it is simply because the holders of the copyright have yet to agree to let us include these very good translations on the site. At present they are only available on the following sites:

If you would like to be able to use these versions of the Bible on this site and would like others to be able to do the same please click the go button. Your name, town and country will be added to the petition.

Once 10,000 people have put their names on the petition we will hand deliver it to the organisations who control the copyright for each of these translations:

...And call us persistent but we'll continue to hand deliver every 10,000 names after that until they allow us to use these great versions.

I do not think that it is right that the New International Version, the New Living Translation, the New King James Version and the New American Standard version of the Holy Bible are available on a very few web sites.

I understand that there may well be commercial reasoning behind the decision to limit the use of these books but petition you to grant copyright for all language versions of your excellent translation of God's Word to be included on the web site at www.hyperbible.com.

It is my prayer that God will move you to agree to this request so that his Word will be available for all to use in this powerful modern manner.